Thursday, October 28, 2010

Project Runway Canada S01 - Final Collections

Dear Bubbles, my friend and crotchet genius,

I was watching some Project Runway Canada episodes....runway finale....and just had to contact you about the outfits by Season 1 contender and runner up, Lucian Matis,  that incorporate crotchet highlights.  Have you seen any of these shows?  Watching any of the series is rather addictive and mostly fun although Project Runway Season 8 in the USA has been an exception.... but that is for another communique.

Project Runway Canada S01 - Final Collections

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bundy and Suess

Dear #1 Son,
I have given up on getting your brothers to mow the lawn. Laziness always abounds but the real reason is that the whipper snipper died after coming home from being lent to #3's girlfriend's brother....sigh....and we are too far from the petrol station to get fuel for the lawnmower.  This is one of those times I miss not having a car.

I spent part of the day cutting the edges with hand clippers...but have no intention of crawling around the lawn doing all of it that way. Imagine the grass stains......shudder.

  I have invested in some livestock to do the job for me.  Let me introduce you to Suess....a companion for Bundy. Your little sister and I  traipsed all over town to find a guinea pig. Who would have guessed that they were in short supply. 

We saw some adorable babies but our hearts were lost when we met a full grown male recovering from mange.  You know what a sucker I am for unwanted animals.  Bundy and Suess have taken to each other, settled into their new wood  home and run and are busy lowering the height of the grass.



Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ben Lomond Snow Visit: first time touching snow.

Dear Aunty and Friends,

A few weeks ago, when it was still officially Winter in the Southern Hemisphere and snow lingered on the moutains of Tasmania I was offerred the chance to touch snow for the very first time.  Being Queensland born and bred snow touching was a low priority for most of my life. A move to Launceston, Tasmania should have cured that but being carless and broke had a way of interfering as well, until my son, his girlfriend and her mother took me in hand for a snow visit to Ben Lomond, a ski resort in north eastern Tasmania.

The snow fall came unexpectedly and a scramble for trousers, gloves, beanies, thick socks, jumpers, cameras and the tea flask ensured that we piled into the small four wheel drive with little elegance but prepared for everything.  The 50km trip through the country backroads of north east Tasmania was pleasant with much sighting of  trees, sheep, trees and the occassion farmhouse of Colonial interest.

Plantation Trees

Typical Scenery

Looking across the Valley

:Heading Up

Heading Up and Up

Access to the Alpine Village was via the 18 km Ben Lomond Road an unsealed but well graded windy track subject to snow and ice. I was told that wheel chains should be carried for the final ascent. There were none on board but it was very late in the season and my hosts are not the type to worry about small things like sliding off the side of a mountain. I'm not used to putting myself or my son into the hands of another driver but keeping in mind that my philosopy of when your time is up...its up...I put my trust in the Goodyear tyres on the 4 wheel drive, enjoyed the coolness wafting through the air vents and kept my digital camera ready for any unexpected close up shots of snow covered boulders.

Before Heading up Jacob's Ladder

Nearly There

Rocks and more Rocks

Granite Boulders

Looking acorss the Valley

Nearly There

Granite Outcrops


Granite Cliffs

Just enough Snow

Granite Cliffs

Looking Over the Valley

Finally some Fence

plenty of Snow on the Edges


The drive up to and down from the Alpine Village proved a little scary on the last windy, steep and slippery 4.5 km section christened 'Jacob's Ladder'. 

The village when we arrived was busy with locals and tourists enjoying the increasingly rare event of snowfall: global warming Down Under.  The lifts were operating, the bar and eating areas jam packed with smiling customers ...and equally smiling hosts...snowboarders ahounded on the slopes and everywhere else it was smooth, lots of delighted toddlers in bright snow gear were sinking up to their thighs, teenagers were having snowball fights or eyeing each other off from the steps of the Village restaurant, parents were laughing and the world was a white happy fluffy place. There really wasn't that much snow but Aussies are easily pleased.

Some Snow Cover

Looking out from the Village

Loads of Rocks

General Amenities Block



Ski Lift


First Snow Ball Fight


Amenities Block


Icy Snow

Icy Snow

What did I think of snow?   It was awesome!  I found the fluffiness changing to ice when snowballed completely delightful.  We had our own snowfight, built snowmen, breathed deeply of the fresh cold air, admired the snow covered rocks, admired the expertise of the skiers and snowboarders and enjoyed hot chocolate and french fries.


My Girl

Oops Down the Back

My Little Snowman

Watch Out





Pat here, Pat there

Several hours went happily by with us finally heading off with the setting sun and a bucket load of snow for the siblings back home.

Rock Wallaby

Vegetation Covered in Snow




Down in the Snow

Another Snowman

Make Him Look Good

Bye Snowmen

Is there someone sneaking up behind me.