Saturday, May 14, 2011

April Yard Work

Hi Aunty,

The yard has kept me busy these last few months.   There was harvesting of potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers and pumpkins, the spreading of compost on beds, the putting up of some more straw bale beds, mulching of garden waste and the sowing of seeds in the small greenhouses for Autumn sowing.  Replacing the straw bales around those beds yielded the best compost and all without any tossing and turning. Sweet!

Large straw bale bed on bitumen. Broccoli & Garlic. All covered because of the birds.

Small Bale Bed for Spinach

New Bales on the Strawberry and Mixed Bed. Beautiful Compost!

Pumpkin Patch at an End

Transplanted Strawberry Runners

Small Plastic Greenhouses

Water Storage

Neighbours Garden Waste Awaiting Chopping up for Mulch & Wood

Mulching Post

My favourite seating spot under the deck is a prime spot to chop up garden waste. The green leaves and finest branches make excellent garden mulch  for beds and for covering the paths between beds.  The thicker branches make excellent kindling for a rocket stove and the thickest will dry out nicely for the fireplace or firepit.