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UK Veg Gardeners
Emma Cooper
My Tiny Plot
The Permaculture Association UK.
Fennel and Fern
Allotment Heaven
Our Plot at Green Lane Allotments
Gardener's World 
Plants for a Future
The Stopwatch Gardener Scotland

Deep Green Permaculture 
The Permaculture Association of Tasmania
SGA Sustainable Gardening Australia
Gardening Australia
The Food Forest
The Permaculture Research Institute of Australia
Friends of the Earth Australia
Soil FoodWeb International Australia 
Woodbridge Fruit Trees
Australian City Farms & Community Gardens Network
Permaculture Power 
Steve Solomon
Soil and Health Library: Steve Solomon Cockatrice Farm
Permaculture Forums
Permaculture Biz
Australian Bush Life
TenderBreak Permaculture Farm
The Greening of Gavin
Slow Living Essentials
Simple Green Frugal Co op
Permaculture Pathways
Green Change
Fruit Fly and the Home Garden
Dirt Girl World TV programme
The Banana Circle
Under the Choko Tree
The Lost Seed

Sustainable Gardening
Ecological Garden
Natural Gardening
One Straw:Be The Change 
Urban Homestead: Paths to Freedom
Build it Solar
FarmGirl Fare
Garden Rant
Mr McGregor's Daughter
Our Little Acre
Clay and Limestone
Dirt Therapy
Growing The Home Garden
Food in Jars
Tigress in a Jam
Carol Deppe
The Land Institute

Masanobu Fukuoka
Wiser Earth
General Sustainable and Self Sufficient Living Books
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Permascience Channel
Claire's Allotment

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We are the Weeds

Gardening on Acreage
Inverawe Tasmania, AUS

Our Little Acre Ohio USA
GardenerSusan  YouTube Washington DC USA  How to Create a Sustainable Garden YouTube