To Do List

2017 REVISION   

& Lay wood flooring DONE AND GONE

Reach My Goal Weight Eating More Salads
Cook  New Recipes
Keep Moving

House and DIY

Driveway Fix DONE AND NEEDS AGAIN 2017
Paint Touchups/above purple/yellow/green,  kitchen, hall, lounge
Clean Oven 
Fix Oven Fan 
Fix Shower Drain DONE

Fix Toilet Roll Holder
Remove Excess Paint From Unit Windows
Make Screen Sliding Door Back Door
Fix Concrete Under Deck
Touch Up Paint Large Gates
Paint the Green Railings of the Deck
Pantry Paint
Wash Curtains
Clean Around Sliding Door
Pantry More Shelves
Polish Silver
Security Pipes throughout House 
Paint Ceiling Main Bathroom
Replace Damaged Bedroom Door
Fix other Bedroom Door
Remove Small Landing at Back of House
Replace Sliding Door Bedroom with Window
Laundry ceiling
Get an Emergency Kit
Replace Carpet in House
Fill Gaps Around Front Door
Fill Gaps Around Front Windows
2nd Bedroom Makeover, Paint, Fill Holes, New Wall, Skirting boards Fix Curtains
2nd Bedroom Wardrobe

 Paint Ceiling 3rd Bedroom Makeover
4th Bedroom Clean Skylight
4th Bedroom New Curtains
4th Bedroom Benches
Upstairs Hall Makeover Ongoing 
Paint Hall Ceiling and Architrave Upstairs
Main Bedroom Makeover/Curtains DONE
Main Bedroom Paint Wardrobe
Main Bedroom Paint Bathroom
4th Bedroom Makeover
Ensuite Makeover
 Tighten all Screws on Doors Downstairs
Dust everywhere

Garden  REDO

Finish Pizza Outdoor Oven 
Mulch all Beds Back of House
  ReCover Garden Bed Paths Doing
Clear Gutters 

Clean Up Storage/Garden Stuff Under The House 
Cuttings of Everything Doing
Plant out Cuttings
 Remove Weeds Front of House
Tidy Front Garden Beds
Prune Apricot Tree, Kiwi, Grape, Passion-fruit, Roses
Loganberry, Blackberry, Ash Tree, Plum Trees, Mulberry
Cotoneaster, Viburnum tinus, Pittosporum undulatum

Move Apple Tree, 3 Nectarines, Mandarine Tree.


Build a Rocket Stove
 Build a Pizza Oven Ongoing 
Recipes for use on Rocket Stove and Wood Burning Oven
Solar Oven
Warming Box

Short term Storage
Long Term Storage
Make List of Supplies
Reorganize Pantry

Storing Rain Water
Storing Emergency Household Water

  Growing Vegetables Ongoing
  Growing Soil Ongoing
Saving Seed Ongoing 
 Fruit Trees & Vines Ongoing 
Compost Tea Ongoing
Comfrey Tea Ongoing especially since growing more Comfrey
Grow Mulch Mustard, Parsnip, Radish, Comfrey

Reduce Electricity Costs Trying
Reduce Water Usage Trying
Reduce Waste Trying
Reduce Spending Trying

Food Preparation
Alternative Technologies
Food Storage
Growing Food
Preserving & Drying
Basket Weaving
First Aid

 Acquire  Garden Tools, Odd House Tools
Learn to Maintain Sand Tub, Oil, Various Wet Stones

Read Up on Herbs/Natural Medicine Ongoing
Keep Hard Copy of Information Ongoing
Grow Medicinal Plants: Ongoing
First Aid Course & Information Done!
First Aid Kits Items Gathered
Prescription Medications Gathered as Possible
Over the Counter Items

Power Generation
Cooking: Spirit Stoves, Wood Barbecue, Firepit, Solar Oven, Eat Raw
Storing Twigs and Branches Doing
Lighting: Wind Up Torches, Kero Lanterns, Candles, Do Without
Heat :Blankets, Quilts, More Clothes
Solar: Solar Oven, Solar heated water in hoses, Solar Powered Torch
  Pumps Studying and Taking Notes
  Alternative Technologies Studying and Taking Notes
Refrigeration: Two Pots, Pool

Aquire and Hard Copy Information Doing DONE

Hand Made Maps of Different Local Resources Doing


Get Fit Working On

Emergency Bags
 Hospital for Me Done!
One for Each

Change Floor Coverings DONE
Have Back And Dormers of House Painted
Fix Driveway Done...sort of

Fly to Sydney
Screen Door For Sliding Door
Replace Door with Window Upstairs
Metal Mop Wringer DONE


Grandson DONE
Quilt First Quilt DONE
Sew Together & Quilt Quilting Ladies Blocks DONE

Emerald & Green Squares Quilt
Mother's Heritage Quilt
Quilt Autumn Quilt

 Brackman's Civil War Sampler Quilt Block JourneyDONE
Trees Blocks
House Blocks
Maybe Midget or Dear Jane Blocks
Wallhanging DONE

Patterns & Fabric to Start
Fasset Shoo Fly Quilt
Fasset New Orleans Star Quilt
Fasset Pastel Ohio Star Quilt
Fasset  Pastel Pinwheel Quilt
Fasset Deep Ohio Star Quilt
Fasset Floral Triangles Quilt
Fasset Red Floral Parade
Fasset Pastel Floral Parade

Complete Quilt Tops
 Fasset Deep Ohio Star Quilt Top
 Continue DaChintzy Mystery Quilt Doing! DONE
Mother's Heritage Quilt

Quilt UFO Tops
 Black & White Majestic Mountains
Civil War Fabric Sampler Quilt
Civil War Floral Sampler Quilt
Chocolate Stars Quilt
Lavender & Autumn Leaves Quilt
Fasset Floral Columns Quilt
Fasset Morning Garden Quilt
Fasset Victorian Fans Quilt
Southern Gentleman Quilt

Mend Quilts
Heart Baskets Quilt
He Loves Me Not Quilt
Squares Quilt

Like to Do
Fasset Autumn Nine Patch Quilt
Fasset Pastel Nine Patch Quilt
Fasset Earthy Frames Quilt
Hexagon Quilt in Fasset Fabrics
Dear Jane Quilt
Floral Bricks Quilt
Red & Cream Broken Crockery Quilt
William Morris Applique Quilt
Lounge Wall Hanging
Tree Blocks for Kitchen Decoration
House Blocks for Kitchen Decorations
Flower Wallhanging For Lounge
Bali Pops Quilt A
Bali Pops Quilt B
Hang up Broken Dishes & Chelsea Wallhangings
 Zig Zag Quilt
Fractured Flame Quilt
Stripped Wall Hanging Quilt
 Little Squares on Green Quilt
Block Stacks Quilt

Mend Skirts & Make Skirts STILL DOING
Pillowcases DONE & DOING
Fix Lounge Chair Cover  DONE AND DIED

Sew Refashion Some Clothes for Self
Sew A Dark Blue Skirt For Self

Make Clothes for Daughter DONE
Black and White Wallhanging Hall DONE
Black and White Curtains Hallway Upstairs X 2

Make Time For Self/Family     DONE AND DOING 2017
Family History DOING
Make Art
Learn To Draw/Illustrate
Learn to Pattern Make 
Letter Writing

Make A New Will
Have Digital Photos Printed
Make A Record of House Contents For Insurance
Take Photos For Insurance
Study Horticulture Done
File Paper Work DONE
File Horticulture Study DONE

Work Out New Budget 
 Pay off Credit Doing STILL DOING 2017
 Pay for House Maintenance Items DONE
Save Six Months of Expenses HAHAHHAHA

 Donate To Charity DONE 2017
 Donate Un-Worn Clothes & Other DONE 2017
  Volunteer Somewhere DONE 2017 Babysitting and elder company