Saturday, December 18, 2010

Seed Balls

Dear Aunty,
The local pigeons have got very good at noting where I directly sow seeds and have been almost following behind me to indulge their crunchy tastes.  Yesterday, I decided to make seed balls as inspired by Masanbou Fukuoka. There is an excellent vid on YouTube....Masanobu Fukuoka Makes Seed Balls.  Seed Balls are useful for rejuvenating open landscapes as well as for use in a home garden ... especially if you are time short or harrassed by birds like I am.  They are also very useful in Guerilla Gardening.

I did something a little more like Jim's (catfishbones)  video on YouTube Seed Ball Story. This has a few examples to follow.   I used seed (rockmelon, cucumber and zuchinni) potting mix/compost, kitty litter clay and water. The kitty litter clay needs to be powdered. I used Kitty Litter clay because that is what I had available.  The balls were then dried for 24 hours and will be scattered on the lawn bed and the rockmelon bed.  Lets hope I didn't make them too big or too wet and that not using red clay doesn't make such a big impact. I will have to keep the mindset of Fukuoka and sow with a childlike attitude and observe from nature.

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