Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bundy and Suess

Dear #1 Son,
I have given up on getting your brothers to mow the lawn. Laziness always abounds but the real reason is that the whipper snipper died after coming home from being lent to #3's girlfriend's brother....sigh....and we are too far from the petrol station to get fuel for the lawnmower.  This is one of those times I miss not having a car.

I spent part of the day cutting the edges with hand clippers...but have no intention of crawling around the lawn doing all of it that way. Imagine the grass stains......shudder.

  I have invested in some livestock to do the job for me.  Let me introduce you to Suess....a companion for Bundy. Your little sister and I  traipsed all over town to find a guinea pig. Who would have guessed that they were in short supply. 

We saw some adorable babies but our hearts were lost when we met a full grown male recovering from mange.  You know what a sucker I am for unwanted animals.  Bundy and Suess have taken to each other, settled into their new wood  home and run and are busy lowering the height of the grass.




  1. OMG! the top one is just so goergous! If it ever has babies I'm paying for airmail delivery if it's leagal I swear!!!!!