Monday, October 4, 2010

First Post on Blogger

My Dears,
This is my first post on Blogger although I have had a dashboard for quite some time and follow many many Blogger blogs. Previously my blog was on Windows Live Space but I have been considering both Blogger and Wordpress, the server taking over the Live Space Blogs, for my new postings.  It has been fraught with error codes, mistakes and lessons to learn as I wade through widgets, plugins, flikr and sets, galleries and upload limits. Ugggghhhhhh

I am having trouble transferring blog posts to new servers, have lots of photos albums to sort and glean, blogs sorted and lists to replace.

In the meantime I am busy sowing seeds, making up new vegetable and garden beds, tidying up existing beds, planting and putting in paths, sewing and even doing a little quilting. I should also be doing some research in bioinformatics and painting the inside of very dull and boring house.

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