Sunday, October 10, 2010

October 2010 Garden Photos

Dear Gardening Affiacondos,
Today I finally took the new little digital camera outside to catch some pics of the Spring garden before it becomes the Summer garden. It still has some Winter messiness with the seed saving plants still uncleared and the lawn grass has grown long. #3 son has been helping me with setting up new beds, moving sleepers, sowing seeds and shovelling dirt... but not mowing. I am delighted to find that nearly all plants survived the frosts of Winter and have started shooting with the warmer weather.

Various sowing

Cutttings from Autumn
For my rainwater
Winter cuttings
New strawberry bed

Spinach with coriander, basil and a few cabbage seeds sewn.

New bed for tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, celery, basil

Hydranger cuttings from Autumn

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