Monday, November 21, 2011

Cover for Lounge Chair

I have one tired and scratched but much loved single lounge chair that never fails to put me and the cats to sleep.  The advent of visitors meant the making of a cover so that it was at least respectable while they were here. But what to use?  I had some upholstery fabric from a sale but not quite enough. Fortunately there was just enough matching but different upholstery fabric left over from curtain making.

Old Velvet Chair

Much Scratched Old Chair
Cover put on.

Recovered Chair

Recovered with just enough material to do the job.

Not enough material for the seat or trim.

Used left over curtain material for seat and trim.
Mmmmm think I will make a dark green seat cushion.


  1. Your slip cover did the trick. Looks good as new! =)

  2. Good post on lounge chair... Nice share on modern furniture.