Thursday, November 24, 2011

Khaki Lounge Room Colour

My Lounge Room: dull dirty cream walls below the picture rail and dirty white above, poor old 70s curtains all but falling apart under their own weight and ghastly cream carpet: sad, sad, sad.


Tried the buttercup yellow from the hallway but didn't like it.

Dull, dull, dull.

A new colour: what was thought to be a deep dull gold/yellow from the sample pot turned out to be a khaki that is gold in the morning and goes greener as the day progresses and the light falls on it in different ways.  It isn't exactly what I would have matched to the apple green kitchen and the buttercup yellow hallway but then again the green grey bathroom doesn't go with any of them either.

More dirty cream.

Dull and messy.

And cream curtains at the other end.

 I am happy with the colour and find that it illuminates my wall hangings and paintings very nicely. It is certainly and improvement on the dirty cream colour that was there originally. 

Khaki (Sandblast) Paint

Angel Supervising

Moved the wallhanging

Makes the French scene light up.

Almost the same gold in the painting.

Big Improvement

Khaki below the picutre rail and white above.

Clean and cheery.

Two colours for one depending on the time of the day: sometimes more.


  1. It looks great. Love how it goes with your paintings!

  2. Hi Frazzledsugarplum;
    Love your site. The gardens are beautiful. How do you find the time for it all. Loved the painting decisions,curtains, upholstery, etc. I use to love gardening, but really can't do it any longer. I also have done curtains, slipcovers etc. I know you have visited my site,I have rercenyly added some of the wedding gowns I made if you would like to take a look.