Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New Lounge Curtains

I rather liked my old curtains that came with the house and which I suspect were here from the original owner about 45 years ago.  They were definitely 70s Asian Inspired ...  bamboo with cream and brown on rust. Just the colours that are 'in' and that I was doing for the new look lounge.  Too bad they were mostly too far gone to keep although I managed to keep enough to line two large window curtains and some to make cushion covers.

The other curtains at the far end of the lounge were a cream white cotton.

70s Curtains

Cream Curtains

I found some upholstery material at the local fabric shop that was just the colours and thickness that I wanted: we get cold Winters and Hot Summers. 

New Curtains

These are Greener than Shown

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